Tuesday, 17 November 2015

BTBs take note.

Hey everyone. Sorry to all who have still been reading up my old post despite me not updating it for the past 6 months!!!! I have always wanted to update my wedding preps but I'm too exhausted.

Anyways, Alhamdullilah Im okay and everything is good. 

Insya Allah I will update my wedding photos once its done and printed!

Well, today I would like to share some tips for BTBs which we might overlook since we are obsessed on other matters with our vendors and everything kan.


1. Clear your debts. You may have borrowed a friend some cash because the ATM is so far away. Maybe you have not clear your installments for your hair treatment package or spa package etc.
Also, it is best to bayar puasa before your marriage.


2. Pray. Despite the endless worry and nervousness, do not miss your daily prayers.
There will be times that you feel in doubt and worried. Always pray and tawakal. It helps you to clear your mind and keep you sane!


3. Family & friends time. Take some time off for other activities other than planning for the wedding. Have some peace and fun. Spend some time with your family and friends like going out for dinner or do activities together. Remember these moments as you will miss your family & friends so much! Although you can still visit them but Trust me it will feel different.
I miss my parents the most!


4. Clear out and organize your room. Throw away all the unnecessary items such as your childhood diaries, momentos, clothes, shoes and many more. I used to have a journal every year since I was 9. Blame the teacher to make us write a journal every week. LOL! It was a sad and happy moment to read it back before throwing it away for good!


5. Learn some recipes. Take note of what your partner likes to eat. Find some quick recipes. Have a small book or note in your phone to keep all the recipes. Practice cooking them till perfect!


6. Wedding expenses folder. Lastly, organize all your budget planning, receipts and invoices for your wedding in a folder. I also took a picture of the invoices so that I can easily refer it in my phone.  


There you go! Planning for the wedding is fun but very stressful. I can understand the dissapointment when you cant have your dream dress or your favourite vendor. Remember to keep calm.
If it is not meant to be it will not meant to be. Stop thinking and wishing about what Ifs and focus on what you have.

Insya Allah He will ease your wedding preparations and may you have a smooth wedding soon!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wedding Plan 02- Berkats Wishlist

I have about 90 more days to my wedding.

So I'm wishful thinking about my berkat. Realistically my berkats must not cost more than $1.

Here are my some ideas for my Berkat for me to consider which I have found online,

1. Silicone Tea Infuser


It is within my budget of $1. However, im not sure how many out there drink tea with the leaves. Because usually we buy at supermarket tu semua like Lipton, Boh comes with sachet kan. Hmmmm......

2. Cute Battery operated pocket fan.


I found this from alieexpress.com website. Its not within my budget and furthermore Im not confident dealing from there. Anyone have any experience? Or do you know any wholesaler that have the similar items and cheaper? But its so cuteeeee!

3. Mini hand sanitizer


I think this is doable but it is selling from $2.90 onwards though...

4. Mini Nail clipper


I think this is more practical. Guests can hook it with their keys.It will be useful to remove paper cuts, chipped nails etc.

Otherwise i will just stick with food items like chocolates, cupcakes,brownies,cake pop, telur rebus or pulut.

Well, i still have few more days to decide on the berkats. So till then....

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wedding Plan 01 - Deciding on date & CheckList.

Salam. I know its been months I did not update my blog.
Im good. Alhamdullilah. And my blog traffic still running though interestingly.
I was just caught with many stuffs and this week was the EPIC!
That is becauseeee Im getting marrieeeeed...
It has not sink in yet but it will slowly but surely.
So the first question pops out my head is 'when to hold the wedding'? To have it on Sat or Sun?
To me date is IMPORTANT so it is easier for you to ask for vendors quotations and availability so you can have better replies from the vendors.
How do BTBs out there decide on your wedding date??
I did some research that some refer to Islamic calendar la, some just do during school holidays la and some just anyhow.. Hahas.
I think I am the anyhow type. LOL..
So we decided to have our wedding April 2015 since its in my birthday month.
After that we decide to push it forward after raya next year so it will be end of July-Aug 2015.
I shall check the availability and officially announced the date okay ;))
SO first thing first is my Wedding CheckList.
1. venue
2. catering
3. deco
4. andaman
5. berkat
6. photo&video
7. deejay/MC
8. kompang
9. dulang hantaran
10. cincin
11. ROMM
12. Marriage Course
13. ROMM Interview
So here I am at the initial stage..I Cant Believe It!! Im actually going to plan for MY Wedding!!
Ouuuukayyy sooo now my kepala da PENING to plan out my budget, sourcing vendors and comparing prices.
I search for potential vendors by reading reviews from blogs and FB and also Instagram. So semangat but I ended up totally overwhelm with the choices.
Padahal, all this while I have been keeping screenshots of which vendors to look out for but I just cant decide. Urghhh.. *annoying fickle-minded me*
It is fun but kinda stressful. It all boils down to dollars and cents la. Argghhh!!
Ok guys let me narrow down my choices and I shall update my blog again.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

WE Humans Plan. HE Decides.

There goes the saying "Manusia hanya merancang tetapi Allah yang tentukan."

This is somewhat I am going through right now...

Ive been gone for so long...

Things just happened when I least expected it. I plan but did not work out well.

My thoughts are all over the place. I began to have second thoughts and doubting myself.

I feel lost. I feel restless. I feel useless.

Trying to reorganise myself.

I am running in circles to find my way out.


I am still trying to make the best of what I have now. Life is too short to worry.

I am thankful that I am still alive and kicking to continue my life journey.

Insya' Allah.