Saturday, 28 January 2012

Learn from the Past....for a better Future...


The CNY long holidays was quite refreshing for me..
Didnt went out much though.. Most of the tym at home..Did alot of thinking:)

I was busy cleaning my room while listening to radio.
- Reorganize my wardrobe: 
I hang all my dresses, work outfits, fold my shirts and pants nicely like how u see kat kedai..Hahahs..
- Reorganize my books: 
Putting all my novels in order, arrange my skool books/notes according to subjects and throw some old magazines.

It took me the whole day cleaning.. Now I feel so satisfied looking at my clean tidy organised room... *So proud of myself*
There I am lying on my bed listening to ERA and enjoying the cool weather.. I start to think about my goals for this year...

So finally i've done my 2012 Resolution..And its almost Feb..(*roll eyes*)

1. Create a Blog
Yups. I decide to have a blog so I can share my thoughts,feelings and experiences - it is also like a kenangan2 for me.
I found some of my school journals written like years ago while cleaning and reading it again makes my stomach hurts.  All the sweet funny memories.. LOL!! So dats why having a blog will triple the fun!!

2. Save More Money
Ok I admit that Im an impulsive shopper. Save Money=Shop LESS
I shop alot when Im happy and I shop MORE when im sad.. 
Kononnyer "Retail Therapy" la tuu.. But..But..But..Shop Less??How??
I pantang nampak cute2 stuffs, mesti beli... 

Ape ke tidak, saya ader banyak body lotion, lipbalm etc and yet i still buy cos i can’t resist the pretty packaging.. I pon suke beli stationery - colour pens, files, folders etc... Also since my wardrobe makeover, hampir setiap minggu beli baju..hahahas! 

Been telling myself must keep to only satu baju per month......

>>Huh satu helai jer PER MONTH? But what if ader promotion buy 2 or more pieces ader discount?! eh Miss Jalilah nak save duit sampai satu helai jer setiap bulan?? - okay2 at least 2 helai per month... 
- sounds MUCH better..<<

Teringat buku novel Confessions of a Shopaholic.. Wahahahas! Memang happy beli apa yang saya suka tapi i admit itu hanya membazir melainkan beli aper yang i perlu.. -"OHHHH Nooo....Did I just say that??!"-

So now I put aside a fixed amount into another bank account..
Ye la lagi banyak simpan duit lagi senang kalau nak go holiday kat Maldives or Bali ker..... and for kahwin nanti.. kekekes!

3. Exercise
I da lama tak exercise since sibuk with work and skool. I love to run since during the schools days and won in races. Dulu aderla jugak rajin bangun pagi2 jogging and pergi gym..
So now I must jog at least twice a week. I should join more runs like Shape Run, Sundown Marathon, Vertical Marathon etc.

4. More Discipline with Skin Care
I want to wear less make up.
So I have to be more discipline with my skin care regime 
Remove Makeup>Wash face>Toner >Moisturise
Saya nak rasa konfiden biler kluar tak pakai make-up. Only wear makeup on special days..hehehs! I pon harus minom banyak air jadi kulit tak kering.. Makan banyak buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran.. 
I nak kulit muka halus dan berseri2 seperti  Maya Karin.. I like her iklan Inner Shine bcos she tak perlu makeup.. I NAK!! Natural Beauty =) 

5. Be a Better Person
Last year, couple of times I hilang Kad Ezlink (waste money especially baru top up) and i tend to forget things...Nampaknyer i cant rely on myself to remember every single thing...Lagi2 sekarang i belajar sambil bekerja and always rushing 24/7.. 

-My Daily Routine:

Pagi2 RUSH to werk..After werk RUSH to skool.. After skool RUSH home to do hw and prepare for werk the next day.. im home almost 11pm..
Weekends catchup with studies,family and friends.
Secara lumrahnyer i tend to forget things.. Walauapapon im not complaining and regret that i decided to werk and study..

I must be more alert kat maner i letak barang me jadi tak hilang and end up lambat cos waste time mencari...
This year i bought organizer and promise i must jot down what i shud remember.. i also put in my Iphone Reminder so i tak akan luper.. 
Also, saya nak jadi kakak/anak/teman/hamba Allah yang lagi baik... I must be more confident of myself.. Mesti berani mencuba and jangan cepat marah2.. (Nanti cepat tua pulak) Insya'allah I'll be a better person - more organised and patient.

6. Widen my knowledge
I have to read up more on the current affairs. Kadang-kadang malas nak baca suratkhabar. I will only baca artikel yang I minat sahaja. So I didnt get to follow up on what is happening next.. Hahahas... (Guilty)

Oukkay that is some of my 2012 Resolution that I wanna share :p
Hope this year will be a better year for everyone!!

PS: Ohh and this year is a Dragon Year ... I was born in the year of Dragon too..hehehs! o_O

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reflections of My 2011

Ive heard pple say "My Resolution is to complete Last year's Resolutions"
As for me.... Im pretty happy that I manage to fulfill my 2011 Resolution... Congrats to me! *yiPPEeee!*


1. Perm my hair 
It was a very long decision whether to perm or not to perm..  
Cos Im afraid it will damaged by hair, afraid the new look wont suit me la etc.. LOL!! Now im Loving it=)

2. Read more Malay books/novels
Yeap. I manage to make time to read malay novels. I will share those I've read with you soon=)

3. Wear more Dresses and Skirts
Im always wearing shirt and jeans. Senang and ringkas. Tak perlu terpikir lama2 nak pakai aper..  LOL!! Most of my clothes are from Nike. Sebabtulah I gotta makeover my wardrobe last year so that my dressing lebih sesuai untuk ofis..

4. Do Something Exciting
I manage to buy bus ticket and travel to KL alone. I decided to meet my fren in KL. It was so last minute.. So nerve-wrecking for me!! Oukkayla mungkin ader cakap setakat pegi KL naik bas sorang2 takder aper yang nak dibanggakan.. But for sumone like me who have been always kalau pegi maner2 berkepit ajer dengan ibu ayah, so biler pegi KL sendiri its like an ACHIEVEMENT for me la=)

5. Go Snorkelling
WoohooOO!! I am very proud of myself that despite of me yang takot laut, I tetap beranikan diri to go for snorkelling at Redang! I really enjoyed myself dere..

My best highlights of 2011 was my short getaway at Redang.. 
I will put up the pictures to share with you my experiences soon:)

**i am one year older now..da besar anak ibu yer c:**

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A First Time for Everything

I came across this saying which goes "A First Time for Everything"
Do you remember the First time YOU get on stage to perform/receive prizes?
First time YOU ride bicycle?
First time YOU learn to swim?Go for snorkelling?
First time YOU tried to cook?
Remember those days YOU used to say  "I have never done this before"
Well the list goes on and on and on and oonnnn...

As for me this is my first blog.. Yaa-Be-Daa-Be-Doo!! Finally my own blog...
*Psst... Its One of  My 2012 Resolution List.. LOL..*
It took me quite awhile thinking why should I create this blog... 
What can I do in my blog?
What can I do in my blog?
Well ...

1. I Can Express my Thoughts, Feelings on various topics
2. I Can Write up on my Travel Experiences
4. I Can Add in Videos and Pictures
5. I Can Share Information and Tips  etc etc etc...

I can actually write about Anything and Everything la kan...
I too hope blogging helps to express my thoughts better through writing and hence improve my writing style :)

>>Tapi skarang my belog so plain - looking<<

I still have lots to learn pasal belog nie.. Terdapat banyak soalan dalam fikiran on how to  mencantikkan my belog... Ishh2 ader hati and konfiden nak buat blog tapi the basics pon tak tahu.. Aperlah.. Hu Hu Hu.. Harap2 ni bukan semangat dua minit ajer... 0_o

Okie Dokie ini sahajalah buat entri hari ini. Jumpa Lagi!

**When was the last time you TRY something new?**

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Selamat Datang ke Belog Saya
Mempunyai belog resolusi 2012 saya
Untuk berkongsi isi hati
Selamat datang ke belog saya

Kelmarin bermacam pelan dalam kepala
Bersemangat berkobar2 tapi apakan daya
Entah kenapa hari ni idea semua tak kena
Selamat datang ke belog saya

Hanya pantun tak berirama
Yang saya dapat hasilkan
Untuk entri pertama
Selamat datang ke belog saya