Thursday, 16 February 2012


I am in love with the iPhone application - Instagram.

Snapshot Instagram icon in my iPhone

In Dec 2011, Instagram was named the "Application of the Year" by Apple Inc.

With Instagram you can share your photos as easy as ABC.
Just snap and share!
Afraid that your pics are plain looking? Fret not cos Instagram have over 18 filters to choose from to enhance your pictures! You can also choose to focus on certain parts of your pic using the teardrop option. Recent improved features such as you can improve the brightness of your pic and new filters such as Siera, Lo-fi etc;

Edit pics via Instagram with various filters to choose from
You can browse through other Instagram accounts and view their masterpieces too.  You can view their photos, Like their photos and Comment on their photos. Also you can Follow or Unfollow them. Deleting your pics is easy too. You may also choose your Instagram account to be private.

I really enjoy looking at the details of each photo. We get to see the world through their eyes. I love sky photos bcos of the beautiful colour shades and hues of the sky with the unique shapes of the clouds. Try Instagram and you know what I mean. *winks*

So I have been using Instagram for over a year now. Truly so addicted with Instagram that  I snap anything that is interesting to me. It can be the beautiful sky, food im having for lunch,  a flower I saw by the street and many many more... Snap Snap Snap! :))

Below are some of my Instagram photos, 

My Instagram Feeds
So you can see that I took all kind of pics.. Hahas!!  It feels good when someone Like and Comment my photos:))  At the same time I wanna improve my photo-taking skills. You can learnt alot just by viewing someone else’s photos. It gives you a different perspective of how something looks like just by taking photos at different angle! Im INSPIRED!!

Now I appreciate photography.

So install Instagram now!  Dun forget to Follow me! My username is Nurila.
Get to know me thru my pictures!  Let's share great photos together.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Dearest Little Cousin

Conversation with my little cousin, Iman. He is 7 years old.

Iman: Kak ILa, nanti bday Iman, Iman nak basikal..plssss... (mukanyer tersenyum-senyum comel dengan penuh harapan)

ME: Ok tapi mesti belajar pandai2 dulu tau..
(biasalah orang dewasa kan slalu cakap gitu kepada budak kecik biler nak sesuatu)

Iman: KaK ILa, Iman da pandai belajar naik basikal la..
(Dia berkata dengan sungguh bangga dan senyum lebar hingga ke telinga)

 ( T___________T )
LOL.. *Smack my forehead* 
Ku rasa seperti nak cubit2 pipinyer.. Salahku jugaklah O_o 
Mungkin kena cakap in full sentence,
 "OOk tapi Iman kena belajar rajin2 kat sekolah and mesti dapat markah tinggi untuk exam ok. Barulah akak belikan basikal untuk Iman"

**The CuTEnesS MomeNts**

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The video was for last year Halloween and I still watch it from time to time.. its way too cute..
I recommend anyone to watch it. When you are streesssed up, take a break, click on the video and laugh your heart out. I watch it when im feeling stressed up too.

This video reminded me of my childhood innocent naive days and what makes most of us  so called stress are our friends, new toys, candies etc..  Unlike now we are stress on things such as career, studies, meeting deadlines, money, relationship, fulfilling your dreams and other responsibilities... Make me stress already thinking abt them.

These two boys are so so so cute. They are the most cutest video among all the other entries for "Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Told My Kids i ate all their halloween candy!"

At first the younger one thought that their mother only took his brother's candies. Totally Lurvvve  his expression when he found out that both of their candies are all GONE.. 

So adorable when the younger one said,
"whaatt..." and also "2 plus 2 is....2 plus 2 equals to fiivvee!"  and his brother tried to whisper to him the right answer.. Aawwww so sweet!!!
Then the younger one tried to check in the kitchen and he said "You always trick us mom...!" And the older brother said "oh good.. you gg to get a belly ache" (T___T)
Also, when his mom reminded the younger one of the peanut butter cups and he turn into a hulk.. ggrRRR!! LOL!!! SUPERCUTE!!!

It just makes me smile and smile and smile... Hope it makes you smile too!

**Ohh you sneaky mom!!**
***Am I gg to school today?***

Friday, 3 February 2012

Tears are words the heart cannot express

what are feelings if you unable to express them.
what are feelings if you cant put it in words.
what are feelings if you cant get understood.
can you feel?