Sunday, 10 June 2012

June To Do List

Wow tak percaya 16 May'12 was my last entry *shake head*
so much spiderweb! hehes!
Lotsa stuff to update so lotsa fun! yay!
Well, since now is June term break; i should be more active blogging kan:)

This are few list of things i wanna do this June Holiday.

1. Kemas

Pic for Illustration only

Hahahs!  I sungguh busy with never ending project tak sempat nak susun2 my notes. My notes and stuffs bersepah sini-sana. Da macam reban ayam. Rimas sungguh! WAhahahah! 
Lagipon bulan Ramadan is coming soon so i better do my chores now so nanti tak kelam-kabut sangat. My exam is on the first week of raya so I dapat menjangka i will be busy studying... (hehehs planning ahead katakan:))

2. To go Sultan of Science Exhibition

The Sultan of Science is making its premier exhibition in Singapore. 
So i tak akan lepaskan peluang ni to visit the exhibition. Im sure it will be exciting! The exhibition will be from 16 April - 16 July 2012.
This exhibition is about the discoveries of Muslim scholars in the Golden Age of Islamic World. Masa i terbaca about this exhibition, i tertarik sangat nak pegi dan lihat inventions and discoveries that Muslim scholars have done. 

Tahu tak, Islamic engineers were building robotic machines, water clocks and water-raising devices sebelum the Industrial Revolution in Europe?

To know more, you can check the website, 

3. Enjoy reading Sunan Musafir

Yay, sekarang i boleh baca novel Sunan Musafir dengan khusyuk.. Hehehs! I wont be finish reading it in one night liked i used to with the previous ones. I akan baca sedikit2 setiap hari. More thrilling..
Siapa da habis or sedang membaca Sunan Musafir?  Hehehs.. Rindu Sunan;)

4. Training for Shape Run 2012 on 15 July

Yang ini quite challenging for me. I sign up 10km run last 3 months and now terkial-kial training. I have less than a month to train. Aduhaiiiii! I terpaksa go for run at least twice a week. I just hope i can finish the race strong. Insya'allah.

5. To go KL
I harap i can go jalan2 at KL next weekend. Hehe! rindu sangat. I miss the food and shopping:)

Wokiedokie I'll update more soon;)
Stay healthy and don let the flu bugs bite!