Friday, 20 July 2012


Gambar dipetik outside my house ard 7am. Love the orangey view xoxo

Sesungguhnya I sangat gembira Ramadan sudah tiba.
Tak sabar nak puasa.

Gambar yang i petik pagi tadi membuat i rasa peaceful and lagi excited for Ramadan;)
Alhamdullilah Ya Allah kau masih memberiku peluang untuk menikmati puasa di bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini.

Bulan Ramadan ni ada banyak cabaran and nikmatnya which I always feel bersyukur.

Lagipon i still have not recover. The coughing makes me feel breathless and i rasa my chest rasa penat sangat. There must be something wrong with me...HOPEFULLY NOT. I rasa pegi chest X-ray esok pon bagos. I hope nothing serious.

**NOTE TO SELF: Puasa ni nak kena lagi sabar-jangan marah-marah,bermasam muka mahupon marah atau merungut sendiri dalam hati. 
Insya'allah i can perform puasa dengan sebaik-baiknyer.

**Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa pada semua**

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Serve me Right!

I went to see the doctor today. Honestly I hate to go klinik since young. Anyway i hardly fall sick cuma semenjak2 nie last 2 years i kerap jatuh sakit.

Konfiden that my body will recover cepat. But i guess not now since usia da meningkat and hectic lifestyle my immune system pon getting weaker.

Nak jadikan cerita, I ni kes spesies degil yang tak nak pegi doctor pasal berangan I nak my body to recover naturally. **HAaapui!!** Jarang i telan panadol itupon kalau terpaksa. Kalau makan ubat pon usually beli kat pharmacy ajer.

This time round cough syrup/lozenges etc over the counters yang usually effective  tu semua not working for me! Gerams! Agaknyer my body da immune to it.

Ahahhh sekarang tengok ape da jadi!! From a harmless sore throat sampai da terbatuk2 sampai macam nak terkeluar biji mata!! At times, I termuntah-muntah.  That is when i start to WORRY. Bila gi klinik, doctor cakap upper respiratory tract infection. *huh*

Tertelan air liur tak faham ape tu... Haha. Doktor cakap it haven’t gone down to lungs which may cause chest infection. 

Nasib nothing serious. Choyyyy..! *Phewww*

So i was given a stronger antibiotic and cough syrup. Lepas lunch terus makan ubat. Pening kepala pasal ubat a bit strong. Padan punya muker. Terkebil-kebil mata kat keje. LOL!

Serve me Right!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Confessions of a Chocoholic

I have been a good gal for the past 3 weeks.

Since I started coughing, I elak makanan yang boleh memudaratkan seperti air berkarbodinat, makanan yang pedas2, makanan yang berminyak, coklat dan sebagainya.

Tapi I dah tak boleh tahan lagi, tekak asyik nak makan cokelat ajer. So tadi lunch i beli Burger King meal and dapat mini chocolate sundae.

HooraYYY!! OOppps!! **Guilty Pleasure**

Burger King Mini Sundae=)

Alaaah tu mini sundae jer so its just 1/3 of the original cup kan. So it won’t be so bad kan? Hehehehs! Enjoy! nak ikutkan hati i nak beli Dove Chocolate, Ice Cream Magnum etc. Aipppp!! Teehee!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Please oh please get well soon!

I neet to get well.

Woahhh.. sungguh ku rimas with myself. Ive been sick for the past 3 weeks. And yet now im still coughing!
Im not sure what makes me fall sick untill like this. It can be anything rite. Not enough sleep, not eating well and bla bla bla... But i strongly believe it is due to not enough sleep. Yelah, studying for the coming test and stressing about work may have caused me to recover very very slow.

Seriously! Asyik batuk2 and ingus tak henti-henti meleleh. It was one of the worst month ever!

Sakit punya pasal- it is so difficult for me to go out. Kalau dalam train/bus semua orang tengok me pasal i keep coughing tak henti2. I know that they are kinda annoyed. *sowie*

In my bag ader berpacket-packet of tissue to use untuk tutup mulot biler batuk so i dont spread the germs and I have all kinds of lozenges for my bad throat. I keep coughing for like every 15 minutes. Tido pon tak nyenyak. I feel so tired. Sampai cramp perotku and my back is aching akibat asyik batok. Rasanya seperti im doing hundreds of situps at one go!

Terpaksalah I refrain from watching movies cos my cough will affect the others enjoing the movie. Nak pegi shopping pon fikir dua kali cos shopping malls air-con is super cold which will make me feel worst! Super Boringgg! The past 3 weeks, Ive been trying to feel better. It affect my work and school. Sighssss!!!!

Oh! last week i sat for a test and i keep coughing throughout the 1 hour. Minta maaf ye kawan2!
So it is very important to take good care of yourself so as to prevent from falling sick.

1. Always wash your hands before you eat.
- Yup. Very important. Germs are everywhere. So it is very crucial to wash your hands so that dirt  and germs wont get into your mouth. You can also keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy for better protection.

2. Have fruits and vegetables every day.
-Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, all of us know that don’t we? so EAT! At least try to have fruits and vegetable in one of your meals everyday. You can replace your soft drinks with fruit juice during lunch. Have a apple/watermelon etc after your meals. Super easy. Right?

3. Drink lots of water
-The weather is getting crazy these days hot and humid. It is important to keep ourselves hydrated. You can get dizzy spells cos you are dehydrated. Also, try to make sure that your urine is clear and not dark in colour is a good indicator if you are drinking enough water.

4. Have enough sleep.
-Sleep is very precious. Although it is not easy due to our super busy schedule that we tend to sleep very very  late. 
Sleep helps our body to recover and repair for the next day. So if you don’t have anything important to do that night such as deadlines to meet- it is so much better to skip the facebooking, youtubing, watching tv etc and focus to have a good sleep. You will feel so refreshed the next day!

5. Supplements
 If you schedule is a hectic one, it is advisable to take supplements such as multivitamins or vitamin C etc.

There you go. (*talking like a doctor..Ehemm*)
It is important to keep yourself healthy and even important so as not to spread the germs to others.

*cepatlah sembuh*