Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just drop in DropBox;)

Ewa ewa da hampir dua bulan lebih i have abandoned my blog... Kecian.. Tapi takper I am not gonna give up bloggin;) Was just super busyyy with school, puasa and exams. Alhamdulillah my cough gets better. 

Sekarang kan school semester break so I have some time for myself.. yeehawww!!(*doing Gangnam style:))

It is a lazy rainy Sunday and its a good time to update my blog=) Ready...?
There are many 'interesting' things that happen in the past 2 months. It was like a roller coaster ride!! 

Guess what!!!

1. In just about few more days when I have to hand in my report and presentation, i lost my phone, wallet, laptop and thumb drive. Someone took it. It was SUPER CRAZYYY!!. I am at my wits end. My notes, my bookmarks my pictures and drafts are all GONE!! Literally i gotta start from SCRATCH! I thought it is the end of me:((  Too shock for me to even breakdown and cry..
I don't blame the person who took it. I berharap sangat  he/she use my lappy for 'GOOD CAUSE' (for example reset my lappy and use for his own or sell it and use the money for his/her family). 
At the same time, i berdoa that i can have it back which is UNLIKELY. Sabar jelah... Sehari suntuk hinggakan tak tido to redo my assignment. *Dugaan bulan puasa*

2. It was such a crazy moment for me. No card to withdraw money. No Identification Card to make new ATM card. So i gotta go make police report and then I can make a new card. I cant call since I cannot remember most of the important contact numbers. (Speaking of too much reliance on technology..sighs!) I am so helpless! It is like i don't exist. Gosh I am in a big MESS; rush here and there and i need cash ASAP. I freaking learnt my lesson. 

3. After 2 weeks which was few days sebelom raya, i found  it back!! Dont ask me how but i FOUND my wallet, lappy and thumdrive in good shape! For a moment i tak percaya! Honestly I cried. 
Syukur walaupon its few days after i handed in my assignment, I happy sangat cos dont have to fork out money to get new lappy;) I just hope the best for my marks later.

So after what had happened to me i just wish that I know the usefulness of Dropbox much much earlier! Am i the last miserable person to know about Dropbox? Yes Dropbox! It is lyk a simple "mobile thumb drive". 

If only I knew it earlier i don't have to start from SCRATCH!!  

1. You can install Dropbox on your computer, lappy and Iphone at

2. Then you just upload your documents/photos in Dropbox.

3. What you upload in your computer will also be in your lappy and Iphone! and vice versa;)

4. In this way, if you did not have your thumb drive with you, you can just simply open up your Dropbox for the files.

pic from google

5. Also, if your friends do not have Dropbox in their lappy/iphone, just install it and log in to your account. And you can access to your files! ;)

6It is also helpful when doing group work. Instead of emailing each other you can just upload it and share it in Dropbox so all your members can access it. That means you can save all the important websites, draft reports, ,notes in the Dropbox so they need not bother you to email it to them.

7. Its FREE.

pic from google

~ So just drop it in Dropbox! ~

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