Friday, 29 March 2013

Transfer contacts in iPhone to Samsung.

I bought Samsung Note 2..Yayyyy new phone!!! 
Already charge it for 8 hours... 
Backup my photos in iPhone
The trick part is my Contacts!

Do you know that you cannot simply copy your iPhone contacts to Sim Card and transfer it to your new phone. Btw iPhone dont store your contacts into your Sim Card. You can copy your contacts in Sim Card to your iPhone by Import contacts option but not the other way round...Grrrr!!!

Tricky tricky tricky...

So I found various ways and steps online BUT unfortunately it does not work for me...!! IT took me days to figure out alternatives......


And i found another way! iCloud save the day! It works if you have iCloud account when u were using your iPhone.


Cloud Method

Step 1

1. Set up a Gmail account if you do not own one.
2. Log in to iCloud 
3. Select contacts
4. Select all and import contacts
5. Save the file to your computer


Step 2

1. Login to Gmail account.
2. Go to contacts > Select Import Contacts 
3. Choose the file that was created from iCloud.
4. Select Import
5. and you should see all your contacts in iPhone into your Gmail!!!

You are half way there! Almost done!!!

Step 3

1. Switch on your newly bought Samsung Note 2 
2. Go to Settings > Scroll down to Accounts > Select Samsung Account
3. Insert your Gmail account as your Samsung Account
4. Go to Contacts
5. Press the Menu button which is at the bottom left
6. Select merge with google.

AND YOU ARE Done!!!!!

- Some of other methods that u can try...

ii. plug in to iTunes and sync your contacts with google
iii. you can download 3rd party applications
iv. call Apple help desk on how to sync the contacts????? etc etc etc.....

So those out there who tried the above method and the iPhone is still stubborn to work. Try the iCloud method!! 

Taa Daa!!!

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