Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tioman Trip: 03 - 05 Apr 2013

Hello everybodyyyyy!!!! So long me no blog!!! I have so many overdue post!! Sorrryyyy!!
Anyways my 4th year semester already started...Will be busier... i better blog about my Tioman Trip before i start to forget the details..


Lets Go!!

I left my house ard 5am. The bus will pick up at DFS Galleria at 6.30am and drive us to Tanjung Gemok Jetty. We reached Tanjong Gemok Jetty at 11am just in time for the ferry! Yayyyyyy!!! 


Glimpse of Tioman Island

Finally we reach the Tioman Jetty. I survived the ferry ride.. No seasick for me cos i pop 2 motion sickness pills beforehand. Muahahaha!!

Yayyyyyyy and here I am TIOMAN!!! I was so breathtaken when i see the clouds and the mountain. It was such a welcoming view for me.. AWESOOOMMMME!!!!

Beautiful shades of Blue (;

We then had to walk to the reception. Abt 300 metres from the jetty.. 




Tioman here i COME!!!

The reception was easy to find..

The reception was duper simple.
Just show your confirmation hotel vouchers and head over to our room (;

I like the resort idea.

Although our room was not ready. We just patiently waiting at the other side for about 15 mins. The staffs smiled and apologised. Lucky i was in happy mood:)


I quickly unpack and change to my wet attire..!! I just cant wait to swim in the blueee sea!!!
Its a very simple humble room.

The room have a simple layout. It can easily fit 4 people.  There is 1 queen bed and single double bed. The toilet is clean and simple. The water heater is working fine. There is a TV but i doubt i will be watching any cos busy at the beach. There is a electric kettle if you want to make coffee/tea or have your instant noodles.
The bed mattress is comfortable and not hard - very important factor for me! Though two of four pillows are hard! Great for pillow fight i guess!!

I did not notice any ants or bugs throughout the stay but only Mosquitoesss!!! So in the evening i already start burning the coils. I had a good sleep for the 2 nights. Awesome!! Mosquito coils saves my sleep! Hehehs!

All ready for the Beach!!

The Beach

It was a nice weather to swim

 I snorkelled my way to the island on the left. Wondering what fishes i will find...!!! 
It is about 50m away from the shore.

 Look the mountain covered by clouds behind me! Beautiful!!

Waist deep. COOL!! 

Crystal clear.

I decided to swim further deeper.

More fishes and corals!!!


The Rock Fall

We also went to Rockfall which is about 20mins walk from our room. We have to go in the forest. Some might say it is quite ulu/scary but its pretty fine for me. We went there twice. The first time we went about 4pm to check out the place. There were already a lot of people hanging out at the rock fall..

We decided to go again the next day early ard 9am.

Hardly can see this in Singapore..

After about 10 mins walk in the forest we found the waterfall!!

WARNING: It is supercold!! It takes me awhile before i can fully get in the water..  Once i get used to the cold i realised that the water is super refreshing!! Imagine the kampung days people bathe with this "Natural Shower". No wonder they have beautiful skin!

The water gushing behind my back massage my aching shoulder!

Keep calm and enjoy!

Did not realise that the photo was taken. I was immersed with the nature. Relaxing and listening to the sound of gushing water and nature. It was therapeutic for me. I stayed like that for almost 15 mins. The cold water did not bother me anymore.
I began to like it.

Mini waterfall

There is another waterfall in Tioman; Mukut waterfall. I will go there the next trip Hopefully!
 We had to get a ferry service to go to Mukut waterfall. Im sure it will be as awesome. 





Do not forget to visit this stall for yummie burger!!

I love Maggie sup too!!

The food are alright. You can upgrade and try their delicious seafood such as salted egg prawns, black pepper crab etc for dinner. I was too excited eating i forgot to snap some photos!! Rest assured they are pretty delicious!!! (SORRY NO PICs)

Me and Tioman Beach

SO excited when i saw the swing!!

swing swing!!

i just love greenery!



Everyday is an opportunity to be closer to your goals!

I   W I L L   D E F I N I T E L Y   G O   T I O M A N   A G A I N ! ! !

ps: I still have alot of photos and videos to share. Probly that will be in Tioman part 2!! =)

How did i book my trip?

I went Tioman on WED 03 April 2013 to FRI 05 Apr 2013..
Booked my trip at Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd. I am very satisfied with the service. I was served by Rubiah. She was very patient answering my enquiries.

In the website you can choose either Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort or Paya Beach Resort.

Mine was Standard Chalet Full Board package at Paya Beach Resort as it was the only available room left for the period i chose. LUCKY!!? Yes of course!! Maybe next time ader rezeki i will try the deluxe room.

The package comes with daily breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinner.
It includes snorkelling or trekking. Take note: You need to rent the snorkelling stuffs (snorkelling mask and life jacket) there unless you already have your own like me...Hehehs!

What to pack?

Go easy on the packing list.

- Dry Attire
I brought 3 sets of TShirts and comfy pants. You can even packed lesser than me cos you can buy the cool Tioman shirts and beach dresses there.

- For snorkelling
I brought 2 sets of wet attire and my own snorkelling mask. You may want to bring a dry bag if you bring along items that you cant live without while you are snorkelling or trekking.

- Others
Sun block lotion and basic toiletries.(toothbrush, tooth paste,shampoo and shower gel). I too brought 1 box of plaster, medicated oil and mosquito repellant and mosquito coils. Don't say I didnt warn you to bring mosquito coils!

And not forgetting your camera/waterproof camera to capture your best moments, trusted waterproof camera case, charger, EXTRA battery and EXTRA memory card.

How do i go there?

The bus pick me up at DFS Galleria building opposite Far East Plaza at 6.30am. Was so excited for the trip that i did not sleep the day before. so no problem for me to wake up much early..

The bus was ok. I received a SMS a day earlier about the bus and driver details. AWESOME. I like. Very Efficient.. Haha..

Ard 11am we reached Tanjong Gemok Jetty!! The staffs there are friendly. We have to exhange our ferry vouchers to ferry tickets and pay the Marine Tax at RM 5 per pax before we board the ferry.

Hope my post will make you want to go TIOMAN!!! Its Totally worth it!!