Wednesday, 12 March 2014

No More. Its Over!!!

Tup tup da 2014. Lotsa things have happened to me. Its not that i dont wanna blog but i just do not know how to express it in words. Emotions and words just didnt click in my head. But now here i am updating about myself.

First thing first  I had my LAST paper 2 weeks ago!!!  After the last paper, my classmates was beaming with joy while i just stare in space in disbelief. Lol. What a way to end right. My has not sink into me yet. I tetap bersyukur sangat that i manage to go through it all. All these 4 years. Hah.. seriously tak percaya.Ya Allah hanya kau sahaja yang tahu betapa susahnya ku melaluinya;)

And now all i gotta do is wait for the final results and graduate! Chillax Time!

Yes no more exams.. No more sleepless nights.. No more reports.. No more presentations.. No More! No More! No More! Its Over!!!

Well ok so after my diploma what im gonna do? Degree? Go for holiday?
Honestly i belum tahu what will be my next move. I think for now i should just relax and catch up with my tons of work which i have been putting aside because of my school.

Will blog more soon. Take care everyone as the haze is coming back again.