Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hey its my birthday month.

Salam everyone.

Im gone and im back. Hehehs.

April my birthday month. Hu Hu Hu. Yet so much to learn and achieve.

So...I was thinking what will be the best gift for me. is there any? what do i really really want?

You know sometimes u really like something and u just wanna have it. U bought it and you feel so happy but it is only for a while. Then will start looking for other things to like and buy. The cycle goes on and on and on....

So here are my list that i really want and need;

1. I wish i could have someone to do my hair every morning. Lol. You know those hair salon sleek straight hair. I can never achieve doing it at home. I tried countless hair brands and styling ways but my hair will still be stubbornly frizzy or it can like stay for few hours. Grrrrr.
So it will be great if someone will get me hair treatment package where i can do it once a week to tame my frizzy hair.

2. I wish i could go overseas maybe Thailand, Bandung or even Cameron Highlands. I just wanna relax and enjoy the view doing nothing;)

3. I wanna go for courses like cooking, baking, hair cutting, flower making, scrap booking, horse riding etc.

4. I wanna have a custom made to wear work clothes. It is not easy for me to find one that fits me well especially dresses and pants. I have to hunt for clothes. LOL.
I dream of wearing pencil dresses, peplum dresses, tailored pants and blouses. I never had one.

5. I want lunch delivery packages. Hahahas. Its a chore at my place to lunch. The long queues, hot weather etc. So it will be super awesome to just order and delivered to me. Food ranging from Tom Yam Noodle, Porridge, Sushi, Pasta, Pizza, Churros, Cupcakes etc. I have interesting lunch cravings but in the end i will eat mee soto, sandwich from Cheers, pau from 7-eleven, KFC, Burger King or just fruits.

6. Free train or taxi rides.

7. Massage packages. So i have the luxury to go for massages after my work to relax my aching shoulders and feet.

8. I want a new room. In fact, I always wanted a room makeover. I want a new shade of paint, new set of furniture and lighting.

Yup thats it. That is what i WANT & NEED.

For a while i thought of having the latest Kate Spade bag, latest shoes, new range of skin care etc but nahhhh that is not what i truly want yet even need. Hehes.

Happy Birthday to all April Babies! All the best;)