Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wedding Plan 01 - Deciding on date & CheckList.

Salam. I know its been months I did not update my blog.
Im good. Alhamdullilah. And my blog traffic still running though interestingly.
I was just caught with many stuffs and this week was the EPIC!
That is becauseeee Im getting marrieeeeed...
It has not sink in yet but it will slowly but surely.
So the first question pops out my head is 'when to hold the wedding'? To have it on Sat or Sun?
To me date is IMPORTANT so it is easier for you to ask for vendors quotations and availability so you can have better replies from the vendors.
How do BTBs out there decide on your wedding date??
I did some research that some refer to Islamic calendar la, some just do during school holidays la and some just anyhow.. Hahas.
I think I am the anyhow type. LOL..
So we decided to have our wedding April 2015 since its in my birthday month.
After that we decide to push it forward after raya next year so it will be end of July-Aug 2015.
I shall check the availability and officially announced the date okay ;))
SO first thing first is my Wedding CheckList.
1. venue
2. catering
3. deco
4. andaman
5. berkat
6. photo&video
7. deejay/MC
8. kompang
9. dulang hantaran
10. cincin
11. ROMM
12. Marriage Course
13. ROMM Interview
So here I am at the initial stage..I Cant Believe It!! Im actually going to plan for MY Wedding!!
Ouuuukayyy sooo now my kepala da PENING to plan out my budget, sourcing vendors and comparing prices.
I search for potential vendors by reading reviews from blogs and FB and also Instagram. So semangat but I ended up totally overwhelm with the choices.
Padahal, all this while I have been keeping screenshots of which vendors to look out for but I just cant decide. Urghhh.. *annoying fickle-minded me*
It is fun but kinda stressful. It all boils down to dollars and cents la. Argghhh!!
Ok guys let me narrow down my choices and I shall update my blog again.

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