Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wedding Plan 02- Berkats Wishlist

I have about 90 more days to my wedding.

So I'm wishful thinking about my berkat. Realistically my berkats must not cost more than $1.

Here are my some ideas for my Berkat for me to consider which I have found online,

1. Silicone Tea Infuser


It is within my budget of $1. However, im not sure how many out there drink tea with the leaves. Because usually we buy at supermarket tu semua like Lipton, Boh comes with sachet kan. Hmmmm......

2. Cute Battery operated pocket fan.


I found this from alieexpress.com website. Its not within my budget and furthermore Im not confident dealing from there. Anyone have any experience? Or do you know any wholesaler that have the similar items and cheaper? But its so cuteeeee!

3. Mini hand sanitizer


I think this is doable but it is selling from $2.90 onwards though...

4. Mini Nail clipper


I think this is more practical. Guests can hook it with their keys.It will be useful to remove paper cuts, chipped nails etc.

Otherwise i will just stick with food items like chocolates, cupcakes,brownies,cake pop, telur rebus or pulut.

Well, i still have few more days to decide on the berkats. So till then....